Red Belly Blockchain

Red Belly Blockchain (RBBC) is an unforkable blockchain able to commit more than 660K transactions per second with a latency of few seconds. The performance was obtained with 400-byte UTXO transactions on up to 300 Amazon EC2 instances. As opposed to mainstream public blockchains, it is not subject to double spending - when an individual successfully spends their money more than once - because its chain of blocks never forks. As opposed to consortium blockchains, it can treat hundreds of thousands of transactions per second coming from a potentially unbounded number of clients. It offers a performance that scales horizontally and ensures the security of transactions.

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Synchrobench is a benchmark suite to compare synchronization techniques, like STM, HTM, locks, read-copy-update, copy-on-write in Java and C/C++. It helped comparing 5 different synchronization techniques through a series of more than 30 data structure algorithms from the literature on various multicore platforms. The current version includes six kinds of data structure implementations: binary search trees, queues, linked list, skip list and hash table, arrays. It was ported to x86 (32 and 64 bits), SPARC and Tilera.
It is currently used for teaching hands-on concurrent programming courses at several universities.

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Elastic Transactions

ε-STM is the first software transactional memory supporting elastic transactions. Elastic transactions are a variant of the transactional model. Upon conflict detection, an elastic transaction might drop what it did so far within a separate transaction that immediately commits, and initiate a new transaction which might itself be elastic.

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